Brahmastra trailer is out. Ranbir gets attention with his fire

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bramastra trailer
bramastra trailer (

The much-awaited trailer of Brahmastra is out. Director Aayan Mukherji released the first official teaser on 15 June and Amitabh Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt, Mouni Roy and Nagarjuna are in the lead role. This movie is full of love, drama, action and love with impressive visual effects. This movie has divided into three-part and is the part Brahmastra Part one: Shiva. This film focuses on Shiva (Ranbir Kapoor), a young man who is in life-changing love, with a girl named Isha (Alia).

He tells his girlfriend in this trailer that fire does not burn him. But their life is changed because he knows that he has some mysterious connection to the Brahmastra and great power within him but he does not know, he has the power of fire. Shiva will take you into the world of Astras with him, he finds his destiny as the divine hero of the universe with the power of fire.

There is three power water, fire and air that existed among us from ancient times. Each power represents an Astra. Here is official trailer of this movie.

Brahmastra trailer

Guru (Amitabh Bachchan) introduces to us in this trailer about sacred Astra and there are many keepers of different Astras. Amitabh is playing the role of a wise guru in this movie.

This is a tale about the Brahmastra, the Lord of All Astras and Shiva must find that the destiny of the Brahmastra depends on him. Ranbir finds that what is the purpose of his life. This trailer also introduces Mouni Roy’s play role as a queen of darkness called Junoon. She is looking amazing in this clip. Junoon is assembling her Army. She says “We fight for just one goal – Brahmastra,”. While Shiva tries to control fire.

There are also some characters that represent water and air. Anish (Nagarjuna) has power of air. We have seen in the teaser, who has the power of Vayu. Some rumors about Shah Rukh Khan playing the role of Vayu but it is not clear now.

The Astraverse, India’s first original universe, begins with ‘Brahmastra.’. It is a new epic original cinematic universe inspired by the writer of this story and you will feel as if you are in Astraverse. VFX is wisely used in this film. It is full of love, drama, fantasy, good vs evil, and some unknown secrets that will reveal in the first part of this movie. This story is inspired by our ancient history and epics. This movie is to hit on 9 September in cinema halls.

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