How a woman become sweeper to assistant general manager at SBI

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Pratiksha Tondwalkar started her carrier as a sweeper at age of 20. She did not even complete 10th exam when she started working in the Mumbai SBI branch. She did not even imagine that one day she will be in a higher post in India’s leading bank. She wants to good life for her son and herself so she studies and works hard for a better future and now she is an assistant general manager in India’s top bank.

How a woman becomes sweeper to assistant general manager at SBI
How a woman becomes sweeper to assistant general manager at SBI (

This is an inspirational story about a woman. How did she achieve this height? We sometimes make excuses, we can’t do anything because we have no time or we have a child so we will be not able to do anything. But if we are determined to do something, we can do it at any time or in any situation. Sometimes working women face difficulties to take care of family. Women have to go against societal norms for building their carrier while he has to take care of the family too. Tondwalkar story is also the same. She faces many challenges in reaching there. Money control reaches out to her and finds this story.

Her early life

Tondwalkar was born and brought up in Pune. Her family condition is not good so she did not complete her 10th class and at the age of 16, she had to marry Sadashiv Kadu. Kadu was working as book binder at SBI Mumbai. After marriage, her first son Vinayak was born. They decided to visit the village and thank god for their first son but who knows what is happening next? During their village trip, Kadu meet with an accident and died on the spot. When her husband died, she is only 20 years and she has now responsible for the child also.

Tondwalkar told “At this time, I had to collect due money from the SBI branch so I visit branch. I knew that I have to do a job for surviving but I am not qualified for any banking job so I request to bank for any job so that I may sustain and take care of my child.”

She got a part time job as a sweeper. She has to work 2 hours morning and evening. She has to clean and sweep bank premises and dust furniture, earning rs 60-65 in a month. The rest of the time she works other works for surviving.

She said in an interview “ I knew when I looked at people working at the office at SBI. I want to be one of them.” She began to ask around the people how to complete middle school. Bank officials helped her to pass 10th class and her relatives, friends and bank employees helped her to get books and cracked the exam with 60% in 10th class.

“I loved reading books and that came handy,” said Tondwalkar. “I made it a point to study every chapter and ask the most basic questions to everyone around. That paid off.”

After passing 10th class no looking back

She knew that the minimum qualification for a bank job is 12th class. She just completed her 10th and wants to secure a future for herself and her son. She has to study hard and complete 12th class. “ My economic condition is not good and my earning is not enough for me and my son,” said Tondwalker.

She joined night college in Mumbai Vikhroli with the support of friends and family and completed 12th class exam then complete her graduation in psychology in 1995 from night college Mumbai. Then she was promoted to a clerk in a bank. This is the first step, which is achieved by her hard work.

Her Family Support

She was unable to manage her carrier and her son’s responsibilities so she decided to get married to Pramod Tondwalkar in 1993. He was working in a bank as a messenger and he has very supportive of her and her carrier. He also helped him to encourage to appear bank exams. They had two children and Pramod took care of them and also looked after household work. He parted away from his family because they did not support her wife.

Even after the paralysis attack, he helped her and did not disturb her study. Her eldest son (Vinayak) supports her mother and encourage her to study and appeared in bank exams.

Tondwalker became a trainee officer in 2004 and after many promotions, she became assistant general manager of SBI. This is the story of Pratiksha Tondwalkar. How she became sweeper to assistant general manager at SBI.

After reading this story you can ask yourself, you are not old enough to fulfill your dream and study.

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