Is it fair for common man? From Groceries to kitchen equipment will be costlier under New GST Slab.

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The Goods and Services Tax (GST) has revised by GST Council last month at GST 47th meet. It came into effect on July 18. From groceries to hotel room rent will be increased. It will affect the common man. Now we are trying to recover from COVID 19 but we haven’t fully recovered and govt has increased GST rates. It will so much affect our daily needs like groceries, hospital bills, hotel room rent under 1000rs and led bulb etc. Pre-packed food items like flour(atta), paneer, curd, and milk will attract 5% GST. Rice and wheat will be also under a 5 % slab when it will be packed. Led bulbs will be brought under an 18 per cent slab.

New GST Rates
New GST Rates (credit

Following goods and services will be expensive from 18 July

* Work contract for metro, roads, bridges, railways and crematoriums will be under 18% slab.

* Drawing instruments, printing, writing and drawing ink will attract an 18% slab.

* Led bulbs, lamps, spoons, folks and pencils sharpeners will be also under 18% GST.

* Issue of cheque book by banks will come under 18 per cent slab.

* 18 % GST will be charged on tetra packs.

* Map, charts and atlases will be brought under a 12 per cent GST slab.

* Leather products will be costlier with 12% GST on them.

* Solar water heater will be also expensive with 12 % GST before it is under 5% slab.

* Hotel rent less than 1000rs for a day will now come under a 12% slab before it was exempted.

*Non-ICU Hospital rents above 5000rs a day will attract 5% slab.

*Organic food, makhana, jaggery, wheat and puffed rice will be costlier with 5% GST on them.

* 12% GST will be levied on packed food items like milk, pulses and curd including unpacked items like wheat and rice when it is packed.

Latest GST Rates
Latest GST Rates (credit Businesstoday)

Following goods and services will be cheaper from 18 July

* Electric vehicles, which are fitted with batteries or not will come under the 5% GST slab.

* GST will be exempted from unbranded and unpacked goods.

* Renting of goods carriage and trucks where fuel cost is included will now be brought under 12% slab from 18% slab.

* 5% GST will be levied on goods and passengers by ropeway before it was under 12 per cent GST slab.

* Transport of passengers by air to and from north eastern states will be exempted now in the new GST slab.

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