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With a last-minute penalty goal, Karim Benzema kept Real Madrid Champions League hopes alive in spite of their first-round loss to Manchester City. In an exciting first-round encounter, Manchester City triumphed 4-3. Manchester City, on the other hand, squandered late chances and fell short of winning by a significant margin.

Manchester City led Madrid by two goals twice in the semi-finals, but they were unable to build a significant lead before the second round. In the second-round match next week, Madrid will try to make a comeback. Kevin de Bruyne (2nd minute) and Gabriel Jesus gave City a two-goal advantage right from the outset (11th).
In the second half, he got goals from Phil Foden (53rd) and Bernando Silva (74th).


Who is Real Madrid?

Ans: It is an organization.

Who is Madrid owned by?

Ans: It is not owned by the Spanish government. It is a non-profit organization run by members and supporters.

Why is it called Real Madrid?

Ans: In 1920, King Alfonso XIII gave the title of Real to the club, and the old name was replaced by this name.

How old is Madrid now?

Ans: It is established on 6 March 1920 and It is 120 years old.

Is Madrid owned by fans?

Ans: It is owned by a non-profit organization and run by supporters and members.

What was the first name?

Ans: Madrid Football Club is the first name of this club.

Who is the best player in Madrid?

Ans: Karim Benzema

Who is the best player of all time?

Ans: Brazilian legend Pele is widely known as the greatest footballer of all time.

How much is Madrid’s net worth?

Ans: $4.75 billion according to Forbes in 2021

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