Shocking News! Died couple tied the knot after 30 years

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How Died couple tied the knot

A Twitter user Anny Arjun share a bizarre post on their Twitter account. You will be curious to know after reading the headline of this content. How is it possible that someone who actually dead is going to marry? I was also shocked when I read this post on Twitter. Everything is possible in India. “ I’m attending a marriage today. You might ask why it deserves a tweet. Well, the groom is dead actually. And the bride is dead too. Like about 30 years ago. And their marriage is today.” wrote Anny Arjun.

It is a tradition of Dakshina Kannada called “Pretha Kalyanam”. It is a tradition in which a marriage ritual perform for dead babies who actually died during birth. “For those who died in child birth, they are usually married off to another child who is deceased during the child birth. All the customs happen just like any marriage. Two families will go to each other’s house for the engagement” wrote a user. It is like any other marriage. Family of bride and groom can reject marriage proposal. “I reached a bit late and missed the procession. The marriage function already started. The first groom brings the ‘Dhare Saree’ which should be worn by the bride. They also give enough time for the bride to get dressed!” wrote a Twitter user.

The bride and groom do the seven rounds before marriage called “Saptapadhi”. It is the same as normal marriage. Nobody is sad, it is not like a funeral!! People are cracking jokes. “ And finally bride and groom take their place. Though they are dead, don’t think that atmosphere will be like the funeral!! It’s not. It’s as jovial as any other marriage. Everyone cracking jokes and keep the mood high. Its a celebration of marriage.”

There are some rules for this marriage. Unmarried and kids are not allowed in this marriage

There are some rules for this marriage. Unmarried and kids are not allowed in this marriage. “ Time to muhurtam. Grooms shirt hand holding the bride’s pallu. They were lifted by their relatives. Time for the wedding.”

User wrote “Kanyadana – Do notice these are the way marriages were done back in the day and even now. You probably won’t notice the customs when it happens in big halls.”

Mangalasutra is tied by the groom around the bride’s neck and the marriage of a dead couple is finally completed. He wrote “his is how they used to do back in the days. After the marriage, one guy would be shouting how much money you put in front of the couple while wishing them. It might be a bit awkward back in the days I guess. now it’s usually ‘gift in blessings only’.”

Twitter user wrote about blessings “Everyone in the family come and bless the newlyweds. Newlyweds goes outside and seek blessings from the gods from all directions.”

They share pictures of tasty food, which is served after marriage on the banana leaf.

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