Tata Neu: Is it really a powerful app?

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What is Tata Neu App?

It is a time of the digital era, with everything we can buy with a click. If you want to shop for clothes, you can visit amazon.com, flipkart.com, tatacliq.com, etc., buy medicine visit Tata 1mg, want to buy groceries visit BigBasket. Today, everything is online. Tata group is everywhere, Tata group owns many companies like Tata 1mg, BigBasket, Tatacliq, Air India, Vistara and Starbucks, etc. Most people use these companies products and services in day-to-day life. Tata Neu App is officially launched on 7th April 2022 by the Tata group. This is available for Android and iOS users. Tata Neu brought all their products and services to one platform, you don’t need to install BigBasket, Tata 1mg, Croma and Starbucks, etc. You just need one Tata Neu Super App. This app provides access to all of tata’s products and services in one place. When you will click your desired product and it will redirect that particular website of tata’s own brands. There are also benefits of shopping from this app, when you will shop anything from this app, you will get NeuCoins and 1 NeuCoins is equal to 1Rs. In the future, when you will buy any products from this app, you will be able to use NeuCoins. Tata Neu is an all-in-one app for everything from E-commerce, bill payment, and flight booking to UPI payment and you will not need multiple Tata companies apps.

Tata nue app

Benefits of Tata Neu App

Bill payment: Now, you need only one app for all your bill payments, if you want to recharge, electricity bill payment, Dth recharge, etc. This is the only super app for your all payments. It is better than all apps.

Money: Now a day, everyone is using UPI payment systems like Phonepe, Gpay, and Paytm. It made our life so easier. You can send money to your friends and family with the help of this Tata app. You could also make payments to any merchant through a QR code and also receive money from anyone.

It also supports food delivery: We can order food from everywhere, it doesn’t matter whether we are in-home or office and anywhere. A food delivery app is essential for a human being, especially for someone, who is living alone.

Transport: It is an important part of our life. If you want to ride a taxi, car, or bike, you will get to your desired place with just a click. It will increase the profit of this app in the future.

E-commerce: In a digital world, it is an essential and time savior for a human being, you don’t need to go shopping for buying any clothes, electronics, medicine, or grocery. You can buy everything from the app. They also provide discounts by buying their Neu app. It is a necessary feature of this app.

Tata Pay: It is a feature similar to Amazon pay, Phonepe, and Gpay. It is based on UPI payment. If you will visit any tata stores, they will also accept tata pay as a payment method. You can also pay any shopkeepers, which is accept UPI.

Insurance: Neu app also provides health insurance. This is a good feature of the Neu app.

NeuPass: It is a similar feature to Amazon Prime and Flipkart Plus Member program, where you will earn 5% NeuCoins as a NeuPass member but It will come soon. Currently, it is not in the running stage. It could be popular like amazon and other brands because Tata is everywhere.

How Does Tata Neu Work?

Tata Neu App Features
Tata Neu App

This Tata Neu Super App is loaded with full features, It is basically an all-in-one app like just dial. When you click on any products and services, it redirects to their related website and you can shop there. There is everything E-commerce, bill payments, insurance, hotel booking, movies tickets, flights tickets, and after completing your payment in this app, you earn some NeuCoins also. Previously, it was in beta version and available only for Tata employees but It is officially launched on 7th April for everyone. You can download this app for the play store. This app is available for Android and iOS platforms. It is launched during IPL for gaining popularity and Tata group was declared the title sponsor for IPL 2022-23. It is Tata’s New App.


It is called a super app because you can access all Tata brands in this app. It will redirect you to their linked website and everything is available on one platform E-commerce, medicine, bill payment, hotel booking, flight booking, food delivery, grocery shopping, etc. You can do anything from Tata Neu Super App. It is Tata’s New app.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the Tata Neu app?

Ans: It is an app which is launched by the Tata group. It provides all products and services on a single platform.

What are NeuCoins? Where can I get and how to use this coin?

Ans: When you will shop through the tata neu app, you will get some rewards in the form of NeuCoins( 1NeuCoins=1Rs). You will be able to use this coin in tata’s store and online shopping from Tata Neu.

What is NeuPass? What are its benefits?

Ans: It is similar to amazon prime and other loyalty program. You will earn a minimum of 5% neu coins using NeuPass. You will get even more NeuCoins according to their offers.

Will it save my money?

Ans: Yes, you don’t need different membership of Tata’s brands. One NeuPass is enough for all. If you are using different memberships of tata’s different companies, it will merge all memberships in one place.

What is the expiry date of NeuCoins?

Ans: It will expire in 1 year from the date you will earn coins.

If my transaction failed. Will I get any coins?

Ans: No and if you used any coins from paying your current service then coins will be refunded.

How to check NeuCoins balance?

Ans: First, open the website or tata neu app, and you can check the coin balance in the NeuCoins section.

Who can sign up for NeuPass?

Ans: Anyone can become a member of this program whether they are Indian or NRI.

Can existing members be a part of NeuPass or anyone?

Ans: Anyone

Is it paid or free?

Ans: Anyone can sign up free for the Tata Neu app.

How much time does it take to credit or deduct NeuCoins?

Ans: As you will use this app for any transaction as you will get coins and when you will pay for any service, your coin will be deducted.

Will I receive any statement of these coins?

Ans: Yes, you will get a statement every month.

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