What is Agneepath Scheme ? Is it beneficial ?

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Furious youth set fire to train in Bihar's Chapra district
Furious youth set fire to train in Bihar’s Chapra district (PTI)

Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh announced Agneepath Scheme in the presence of the chiefs of the three services on 14 June 2022. Which has been called Tour of Duty. According to the scheme, the recruitment of youth will start in the next three months. After recruitment Agniveers will get 6 months of basic military training and they will serve the nation for the next 4 years. The Ministry of Défense has made big changes in the rules of army recruitment under this scheme.

The central government extended the age from 21 to 23 for Agneepath Scheme. Recruitment was not possible due to coronavirus in 2020-2021 so this opportunity was given to those candidates who have crossed their maximum age. But they will be benefited only in the first year. The age limit for recruitment was fixed at 17.5 to 21 under the Agneepath Scheme by the Ministry of Défense.

What is Agneepath Scheme?

The government has changed old decades of the recruitment process in the Army and announced the Agneepath scheme for recruitment of Army, Navy and Airforce. Youth will be recruited for four years on a contract basis under this scheme. Approx 46 thousand youth will be recruited in three services (army, navy and air force) under this scheme. Before selection age was between 17 and 21 but govt. has increased the age from 21 to 23. Under this scheme, recruited Jawan will be called “Agniveers”.

Demonstrations took place in many cities in the country

Central Government announced the Agnipath scheme on 14 June (Tuesday), but youths demonstrated against this scheme in many cities, especially in Bihar, Haryana, UP, MP, Rajasthan and Uttarakhand on Thursday. Youth set fire to train bogies in Bihar and the opposition also attacked on Agneepath scheme.

Agneepath scheme should be reconsidered: Amarinder Singh

Ex-CM of Punjab and Allies of BJP Capt Amarinder Singh advised to reconsider this scheme. Amarinder Singh also served the army for a long time and they said that this will weak the regiment’s distinctive ethos for a long time. They said that why govt. need to change old decades’ recruitment policies. when old policies are working in a better way for this country.

Varun Gandhi writes to Defence Minister regarding this India Army Agneepath scheme

Members of the BJP are also against this “Agneepath” scheme and raised their voices. MP Varun Gandhi has written a letter to Defence Minister Rajnath Singha and said that there are many questions in youth minds. Govt should make its stand clear about the scheme so that students can get out of confused.

JDU also protested this plan

Bihar Energy Minister Vijendra Yadav appealed to the central government to reconsider Agneepath” scheme. JDU National President Rajiv Ranjan Singh said that the central govt should talk to students so that protests may stop. Lalan Singh tweeted about the Agneepath scheme and said the youth’s future is in danger. When they will retire after four years of their service, they will be jobless. Govt should reconsider this scheme without any delay.

Rahul Gandhi said that Don’t take ‘fire test’ of youth

Rahul Gandhi tweeted that no pension, no rank, no direct recruitment from 2 years, no stable future after 4 years, no government’s respect for army, Listen to the voice of the unemployed youth of the country, don’t take a ‘fire test’ of their restraint by driving them on ‘Agneepath’, Prime Minister.

PM’s penance again lacks: Owaisi

AIMIM chief Owaisi said that your ‘penance’ was again lacking in targeting PM. Come back on TV and withdraw this TOD break recruitment scheme soon. After ruining the country’s economy, social harmony and agricultural system, now at least have mercy on the army

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